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“Arab Spring” Brings Both Hope and Concern
Particularly in the Historic U.S.-Bahrain Alliance


Dr. Al Khalafalla, President
Bahrain American Council

WASHINGTON, DC—April 25, 2012—While protests continue to erupt throughout the Middle East, Dr. Al Khalafalla warns that not all outcomes will be welcome.  “No one wants to argue against Democracy,” he says.  “That word should be synonymous with hope, liberty, and progress.”

But what happens when it leads to the election of Hezbollah and its anti-American agenda in Lebanon, or the radical Muslim Brotherhood, which appears to be gaining in popularity in Egypt?  What happens when it leads to instability and the intervention of aggressive regimes like that of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

As President of the Bahrain American Council, Dr. Khalafalla is speaking about the unintended consequences that need to be considered as Americans determine their response to current events, particularly with Bahrain.

Among facts to be considered:

  • Bahrain has worked for peace in the Gulf for 300 years and remains one of America’s staunchest allies.
  • Bahrain’s history is one of progress in the areas of human rights, freedom of religion, and constructive engagement with the West.
  • The United States Navy’s 5th Fleet, providing stability in the Middle East and ensuring access through the Strait of Hormuz, is stationed in Bahrain.
  • Bahrain and the U.S. mutually benefit from open trade, financial interaction, oil and natural gas, as well as other critical commodities and services.

An article by Dr. Khalafalla providing additional background is included with this Pundit on Demand*, and Dr. Khalafalla is available for interview by contacting Rob Dudley at the Bahrain American Council—202.587.5595 or rob.dudley@bactoday.org.

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